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Butcher Blocks: Cutting Down On Waste

Butcher Blocks are a prime example of recycled and renewable resources being put to excellent use as they are typically made from leftover pieces of wood that might otherwise be thrown away or ground into sawdust. Butcher blocks are used as cutting boards and chopping boards but can also be crafted into countertops.

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Edge Grain Vs End Grain

Butcher Blocks are kitchen cutting surfaces made by gluing together strips of wood. Most often hardwoods such as teak, tigerwood, black walnut, cherry, zebrawood, wormy chestnut and others are used. There are two main types of butcher blocks: end grain and edge grain. Edge grain cutting boards are built from wood strips that are grafted side by side with each other, typically resulting in longer pattern designs. End grain cutting boards showcase the natural beauty of wood by assembling the ends together. This design allows for typically smaller, more intricate design patterns and provides a longer lasting product that is resistant to warping and cuts.